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Confident Nanny Practical Workshop

This workshop is a practical introduction for candidates who want to know how to care for babies. You will learn how to read babies’ cues with competence and confidence. The practical hands-on experience is really good because there are a lot of things you can’t learn in the classroom.


Confident Nanny Culinary Workshop

The passion for cooking should come from within. This workshop enable you quickly master culinary skills. Ours cooking workshop begin with lessons on ingredients. One must know what is the meaning and the source of the ingredients. Once you understand the flavour, smell and taste of an ingredient, you will understand the reason that a particular ingredient is required in a particular recipe.

Content of courses:
1.The role of confinement lady
2.Basic confinement knowledge
3.Common newborn care
4.Breastfeeding problem and solution
5.Common newborn problem and solution
6.TCM pathology of postpartum care
8.Neonatal Jaundice
9.Cooking lessons : common confinement ingredient, principle of TCM ingredient used
10.Baby sleeping coaching
11.Confinement Meal Cooking
(Veg & Non-Vege)

Total 36 hours.
Duration 6 days
Examination: MCQ and practical


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