What should I prepare for my confinement period?

What’s a confinement period?
The Confinement Period is quite possibly one of the most important times for a new mother. It is a duration when she can rest and recover her energy after delivering a child. During this time, new mothers are advise to get the most rest and consume nutritious meals, some with herbal remedies, to help her heal faster. Some women prefer their own mother or mother-in-law to care for them, while others may opt for a confinement lady to assist her.
Here are a few things you should prepare prior to your confinement period:

long sleeve & sarong

1) Long sleeve tops & sarungs – Wear long sleeves and long pants or sarungs to prevent “wind” from entering your body.


medical pafd2) Medical pads – These pads are available at pharmacies and you can lay them on top of your bed to help you manage post-partum bleeding.


3) Disposable Panties – You might or might not want to use these – the benefit is you can throw them awai after you’ve used them. It certainly helps to lessen your laundry load.



4) Female Hygiene Care – For this, you could opt for modern products or choose to use more traditional herbal remedies as they are traditionally believed to provide many health benefits.


5) Baby Bath Herbs – Available at baby stores, they help make bathing time for baby a real pleasure, while keeping your baby clean and hygienic.


6) Abdominal Binder – Also known as Bengkung in Malay, it helps you maintain your figure slowly, but surely.


7) Massage Oils – These can be purchased from a pharmacy or you could try asking your confinement lady for some recommendations on which oils are beneficial to you.


8) Confinement Room – Dedicate a specific room in your home as your confinement room. Among the things to note are ensuring the room has adequate ventilation and has space for all your confinement essentials such as books and magazines on motherhood which you can read while your baby is asleep.


9) Breastfeeding pillow – This pillow helps to alleviate some of the pressure of the baby’s head on your arm while giving your baby a comfortable place and angle to breastfeed.


10) Breast pump – Some prefer the manual breast pump, while others go for battery operated ones. TIP: have two sets of rechargeable batteries so you can switch them out and charge the spent batteries without having to wait for them to be fully recharged.

breakfast cereal and other ingredients in a wooden box

11) Light, healthy snacks and healthy drinks – Have these around in case you ever feel the need to nibble on some in between meals.

This list can be almost endless as you’ll soon discover more things to add after having a chat with your mother, mother-in-law or confinement lady. All in all, here’s to a wonderful confinement period for you and your new bundle of joy!


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