1) Do’s and Don’ts during confinement for Malays

For you, 44 days may mean nothing, but to new Malay mothers, 44 days of confinement can be one of the most challenging experiences of their lives. This is in part due to the many traditional ‘pantang larang’ and restrictions that they have to face during this period.

For Malay mothers who understand the value of adhering to such rules, the rewards can be quite valuable. Among the many benefits include being able to retain their pre-baby slim & svelte body shape, better health and energy levels and most importantly, their alluring appearance.

These traditions and taboos are deeply rooted in the belief that for every mother, her womb is a crucial part of her life force and has a huge impact on her overall health. Some research by independent bodies support the claims behind a few postnatal practices, which include certain massages and avoiding excessive physical activity.

Among the more notable practices applied during the confinement period include the following:
• Bengkung (the traditional postnatal corset or girdle)
• Postnatal massage
• Jamu Bersalin @ Maternity Jamu
• Hot compress
• Herbal baths and others

Benefits of a Bengkung (the traditional postnatal corset or girdle)
• Supports the tummy region which will become flabby after delivery
• Assists in shrinking the uterus and womb back to its original size and location
• Helps new mothers regain their posture to appear slimmer
• Enhances the stomach muscles and breasts for a more beautiful appearance (not sagging)
• Helps to break down fats and cellulite around the midsection
• Assists in attaining a flatter and more beautiful stomach (especially for mothers who underwent the caesarean section procedure

(To be continued)


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