Jamu Bersalin @ Maternity Jamu

The types of Jamu Bersalin can be divided into three parts, namely the type that should be consumed within the first 10 days, the second 10 days and the third 10 days.

These jamu hold a myriad of benefits, among which include tightening loose abdominal muscles, reviving the new mother’s stamina, improving her breast milk production, cleaning the dirty blood in her uterus, helping her wounds heal and to shrink her uterus back to the normal size.

A few precautions to note
While the jamu is beneficial to the new mother, there are some instances when she should abstain from consuming it. One example is if she has a liver disorder, e.g. positive with Hepatitis B or has ever suffered jaundice. In this situation, it would be better for her not to consume the jamu as it has the potential to disrupt her liver’s natural metabolism.

Another case would be where she might have suffered complications during childbirth, e.g. torn uterus. In this case, the jamu might trigger excessive uterus contraction which is definitely not safe for the new mother.

Will the jamu have any effect on my baby through my breastmilk?
Sadly, yes. As there are trace amounts of the jamu which can be found in the breastmilk, it might have an effect on the baby. If you find that your baby suffers from diarrhea while you are consuming the jamu, then it is advisable that you stop taking it for your baby’s health. If however, your baby shows no ill effect, then continue consuming the jamu as it brings many benefits to you.


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